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We are committed to developing high quality, life-saving medicines for unmet medical needs.


Chyi Lee, Ph.D – Founder, President and CEO – Dr. Lee is the inventor of
BioSynersys™ and ProbioTherapeutics™ platform technologies. He has developed four FDA approved drugs, including PEG-Intron®, Oncaspar®, Adagen® and Oncoscint®. Dr. Lee has over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, held various key managerial positions at several publicly traded companies ,and is an expert in the development of PEGylated drugs. Dr. Lee has extensive experience in drug discovery and development as well as CMC regulatory affairs. Prior to starting PEG Biosciences, Dr. Lee was an independent pharmaceutical consultant providing project oversight, problem solving and product development for a number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including Johnson & Johnson. He spent 14 years with Enzon Pharmaceuticals. At Enzon, he developed three commercial Pegylated drugs and a number of experimental products for clinical trials. Earlier in his career, Dr. Lee developed various monoclonal antibody-conjugate products for cancer imaging and therapy at Cytogen. His research interests center on the development of innovative drug delivery technology, particularly relating to the improvement of PEGylation. This has created a groundbreaking PEG-biologic platform that was invented to harness the full potential of biologics for therapy for the treatment of life-threatening diseases.

PEG Biosciences Inc (PBI), a biotechnology company located in New Jersey USA, specializes in the development of innovative therapeutics targeted to unmet medical needs based on its proprietary BioSynersys™ and ProbioTherapeutic™ technologies.

Yuh-geng Tsay, Ph.D. – Chair of the Business Development Committee and the former Group President of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Dr. Tsay brings over 38 years of experience in the health industry as a corporate officer, senior executive and health industry leader with extensive corporate management, strategic planning, business development, marketing and financing practice in the global health industry. Dr. Tsay was Senior Vice President and Group President, Specialty Diagnostics of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. Prior to Thermo’s merger with Fisher, he was Fisher’s Group President of Immunodiagnostics. Dr. Tsay previously led the immunodiagnostics business within Apogent Technologies, which was acquired by Fisher in 2004. Dr. Tsay held a variety of executive positions including President and CEO of Microgenics Corporation, founder and CEO of Diagnostics Reagents, Inc. (DRI®), founder of Yellowstone Diagnostic Corporation, VP, R&D of 3M Diagnostic Systems, and also VP, R&D of International Immunoassay Labs. He serves as a Board Member of a number of organizations that include AltheaDx, ReadCoor and Bonraybio. 

Richard C. Siegel, Ph.D. – Board Member and Chair of the Drug Development and Manufacture Committee. Dr. Siegel has over 35 years of experience in the
pharmaceutical industry as a senior executive and global pharmaceutical industry
leader with extensive experience in drug development and manufacture, corporate management and strategic planning. He had a broad experience in CMC and drug development, including monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic proteins and conjugates, peptides, oligonucleotides, cellular products and small molecule drugs. Dr. Siegel was the former Vice President and Global Head of Portfolio Management, Janssen R&D, a former Johnson & Johnson Company. He also held various executive positions in Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Companies, including Vice President of API Technical Operations, GPSG; Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development, Centocor; and Executive Director of Pharmaceutical Development, Centocor. 

Kwok Shum, Ph.D. – Dr. Shum serves as Senior Vice President for Preclinical
Development. He has more than 36 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with extensive experience in preclinical drug development in the area of oncology, parasitology, antiviral and antibiotics. Dr. Shum held key managerial positions at various companies with scientific responsibilities for pharmacology, toxicology and regulatory affairs. He was the former Vice President of Preclinical Development of Bridge Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Shum held senior management positions in a number of public companies, including Intermune Inc., Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Robert Pharmaceutical and Schering-Plough Corporation.

Chialang Grand Huang, Ph.D. – Dr. Huang serves as Vice President of Chemistry and New Product Development. He has more than 34 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with extensive experience in drug discovery and development. Dr. Huang held key positions at various companies with scientific responsibilities for drug discovery, scale-up, chemical manufacturing processes and controls, formulation and analytical development, method and process validation, stability programs, CMC, regulatory compliance as well as technology transfers. He held senior positions in a number of pharmaceutical companies, including Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Lonza Inc. and Ohmeda Pharmaceutical Products Division of BOC Group.