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A Breakthrough in Drug Delivery Technology

BioSynersys™ is PBI's breakthrough technology platform that can be used to optimize biologics to create best-in-class therapeutics.

BioSynersys™ constitutes a new generation biologic platform and provides a unique toolkit for protein conjugation to create powerful synergistic biologics.  The novel synergistic biologics provide increased biological activities, reduced toxicity and synergistically enhanced pharmacological properties for maximizing therapeutic efficacy.  Additionally, BioSynersys™ provides a new drug delivery avenue for biologics that suffer a dramatic loss of their biological activities after being Pegylated with conventional PEG reagents.

Peptides and short-lived biologics are rapidly metabolized, have low bioavailability, and have a short circulatory half-life.  These undesirable properties make them unlikely to be used as a medicine.  ProbioTherapeutic™, a unique site-specific conjugation technology, is capable of creating effective therapeutic compositions to turn short-lived peptides or biologics into clinically important medicines.

PBI intends to develop new generation Synergy PEG-enhanced drugs from the existing biological drugs based on BioSynersys™ and ProbioTherapeutic™.  Our PB307, an immuno-oncology therapeutic, is designed to promote and harness the body's own immune system to attack cancers based on ProbioTherapeutic™ technology.  Our PB1103, a synergy interferon-alfa with improved therapeutic efficacy, is developed with BioSynersys™ for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

Intellectual Property

PBI seeks to protect its technology by pursuing patents related to advances in drug delivery that are essential to the development of the company's novel therapeutic drugs.

Issued US Patent: 9,364,553

Issued Chinese Patent: CN 103068853 B

Synergistic Biomolecule-Polymer Conjugates